We are open!

On-site and Online classes
Updated schedule on Fitogram

Mysore, Ashtanga, Meditation,
Yin, Vinyasa, Pranayama
Workshops & Retreats
Email us to join at info@agora-lisboa.com
Be happy and well


We are open!

On-site and Online classes
Updated schedule on Fitogram

Mysore, Ashtanga, Meditation,
Yin, Vinyasa, Pranayama
Workshops & Retreats
Email us to join at info@agora-lisboa.com
Be happy and well


We are open!

On-site and Online classes
Updated schedule on Fitogram

Mysore, Ashtanga, Meditation,
Yin, Vinyasa, Pranayama
Workshops & Retreats
Email us to join at info@agora-lisboa.com
Be happy and well

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Welcome to ÁGORA…

Ágora Lisboa was born of a dream and aims to become a collective one.

The dream to create a different space, thought as a Yoga and Meditation studio that could allow for social and cultural exchange. Our wish is to create a space where practices for the body, the mind and the heart can merge. Where physical and meditative experiences can meet creative explorations. A place where people can gather and get to know each other in a bubble of simplicity, loving kindness and acceptance. Where healing can happen and self-transformation can unfold. Where thoughts, ideas and a community can take roots.

Our Yoga and Meditation Studio is located in the heart of Lisbon at Rua Rafael de Andrade 23, near Campo Mártires da Pátria and the metro station Intendente. Second Floor!

We developed an Ashtanga Mysore program in the mornings and Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga guided classes in the evenings and weekend. The other focus of Agora are the Meditation classes and Buddhist community. We organize both Yoga and Meditation retreats, workshops, community events, and invite international guest teachers.

We also host trainings and workshops given by local teachers, from Healing Arts, Massage and Bodywork.

Diane Brito is the Osteopath who has her office at Agora, you can book treatments with him on his website HERE.

At Agora, we also have a “Therapy Room” where therapists (massage therapist, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc) can give treatments, massage. You can ask us if you are interested to get an appointment, or if you wish to rent the space.

2022 Class schedule

Click below to access our updated schedule of classes and events and to sign up!

There are no Mysore practice in the mornings on moon days (Full moon and New Moon). If you wish to know about Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore-style classes, please go to the section of our site “About Practices”.

Classes & Cards Prices – Preços Pacotes de Aulas

10% off all passes for students and unemployed.

If our prices do not match your financial situation, please come to a class to meet us and talk to us about it.

*Agora Generous Supporter: Price difference to support and develop Agora’s community, activities and special subsidized prices

Sign up for classes

All classes happening at the studio are updated on our online schedule Fitogram. Kindly book online all your class directly on Fitogram. Creating an account is very easy and you will have access to the schedule updated : click here. You can pay directly for your class or class pass at the studio, in cash. We do not accept credit card.

Sign up for Osteopathy Treatments with Diane Brito

50€ for Agora Members / 65 € for non members. You can check her availability and book an appointment with her on her website by clicking HERE. Or contact Diane by phone or email to make an appointment  : 937 798 053 / dianebrito.osteopathe@gmail.com.


Upcoming events, workshops and retreats at the studio are listed here by month. You can find detailed information by clicking on the Read More button under each event.

You can also download Agora programmation 2023 for Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Special Guests Workshops and Trainings by clicking on the button below. 

Yoga Teacher Training 2023/24

Agora 200H Yoga Teacher Training 2023/24

We are very happy to announce that Agora Yoga Teacher Training will start in November

The course will extend over 7  months , to immerse into the study of Yoga, deepen your personal practice, learn how to transmit your passion and join a collective exploration of consciousness.

Want to know more ? Click on Know More to access the website of the TTC

March Events

Organic Dance with Carolina Carloto

March 17 at 19h

Inspired in the ancient buddhist meditation: METTA – ‘loving kindness’. We move towards exploring compassion through intuitive dancing, looking deeper at our bodies, feelings, perceptions and mental formations.

Spring Concert with David Minguillon

March 31st

This amazing concert is an opportunity to experience the richness and intensity of the world without words. Price self fixed: 5€ to 15€ (to be paid at the studio)

Watch a sample here  and book your spot on fitogram here

April Events

Sound Therapy - A Path for Growth

April 2 from 15h to 19h with David Minguillón

Sound Therapy Workshop and Sound Bath Event with special guest David Minguillón.

Book via the google form here

4-Week course Meditation for Beginners' Mind

2 hours workshop : Thursdays 30/03 - 6/04 -13/04 - 20/04

Thursdays 19h-21h

Book via email info@agora-lisboa.com or fill up directly the google form here : https://bit.ly/3LsfKKq

April Events

Connect to your heart : a Yin Yoga, Poetry & Sound Therapy Evening

Friday April 7 - 19h with Sonia and David

The vibration of the bowls, guitar, and  other instruments will guide you into a deep relaxation while holding  Yin Yoga poses. Poetry will also be brought to the practice, to inspire our consciousness  and use imagery and storytelling rather than the rational mind.

Book your spot by filling up the google form : https://forms.gle/zShtWB3suZVE2rkt7

Chuck Miller 5-Day Intensive 2023

April 19-23

Chuck Miller will be back to Agora in April 2023 for the second time after his amazing intensive of 2022.

Google form link to sign up : https://forms.gle/4BwSAdEpbjpsE2Wj7

April Events

Anatomy of Meditation April 15th

How to sit - with Diane Brito Osteopath and Luis Salamanca

Book your spot : info@agora-lisboa.com

Ashtanga 4-week Course Level 2 April

Going Deeper - With Sonia Ama

Saturdays April 8, 15 22, and 29  from 11h30-13h30

The Level 2 course can be taken as a continuation of the Level 1 Ashtanga Fundamentals Course, or separately if you already have an established Ashtanga practice (regular guided classes or Mysore-style)

Fill out the Google form to save your spot: https://forms.gle/q2wwMV8H7PheBvd76

Monthly Satsang with Vlad and Sonia

Gathering, Discussion on Practice & Philosophy

(Either Fridays 6pm or Saturday 11:30 am)
Next dates: Friday 14/04 at 18h, Saturday 13/05 at 11h30, Friday 30/06 at 18h, Saturday 22/07 at 11h30
Donation-based event. Sign up on Fitogram choosing the Donation option.
Sharing thoughts and ideas about the practice and our experience with Yoga. Finding inspiration in the Yoga Sutras.
Sitting together with the community of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners at Agora. Led by Vlad and Sonia, Mysore teachers at Agora, once a month. 

May Events

4-Day Meditation Retreat in Alentejo

The Wheel of Life

Led by Luis Salamanca

The Wheel of Life is a Tibetan visual description of how we go through life with a reactive type of mind.

Bookings: https://forms.gle/e7kmjNNqVMTiGjra7

Retraite Yoga en France - Avec Sonia Ama

26-29 Mai 2023

Sonia Ama retourne au Dojo du Plessis, près d’Angoulême, pour enseigner une retraite de Yoga en français.

4 jours du 26 au 29 mai 2023 (possibilité d’arriver le jeudi 25).

July Events

Ashtanga Summer 1-Week Intensive

The Art of Mysore

A 7-day Intensive taught by Vlad Mizikov and Sonia Ama at Agora (Wednesday 25/7 is OFF)

This week-long intensive is designed to help practitioners establish or dive deeper into a regular Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga self-practice as taught in the Mysore tradition.

October Events

5-day Training : Ahimsa and the Art of Assisting

October 11-15

We are very honoured to host Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy at Agora again this year. This training is made for Yoga teachers as well as non teaching experienced yoga practionners, willing to enrich their own practice.

Fill out the google form to register : https://bit.ly/3yMwncp

Samata - Retraite annuelle Sonia Ama et Marine Duchesnes

du 21 au 26 octobre dans l'Alentejo

Retraite de Yoga en Français

Samata – Pratiques au coeur de l’équilibre mental

5ème collaboration de Sonia et Marine, cette année au Portugal

Plus d’informations dans le flyer (cliquez ci-dessous)

December Events

Agora Annual Retreat - Colombia, Indigenous land near Parque Tayrona

December 9-16 with Sonia and Luis

Agora Annual Yoga and Meditation Retreat

This year, our destination will be a ancestral indigenous site located on the edge of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park – Colombia

Envision this retreat as a self-exploration journey .  Click Below to access the full presentation of this retreat.

Every month

Women's Circles at Agora

Once a month - December 1st at 19h30

We are very happy to be resuming our Women’s circles at Agora ⭕️

Our next circle will be On Thursday December 1st at 19h30!

The circles are free and open to all, although we suggest that you can make a small donation to support Agora community and events, which will be used to support the next circles and community events we organize.

You can also bring some sweets or snacks/ tea to share with other women during our circle.

To join the WhatsApp group and get the link to register, email us at info@agora-lisboa.com

Rent our Yoga Space…

We rent our beautiful Yoga & Meditation Room for teachers and events organizers. It is very bright with wooden floors and filled with a peaceful energy. You can rent it for a special event, workshop, training – for a few hours (minimum 2hours) or for few days during the time of the day when there are no Yoga or Meditation classes taking place in the space ( weekdays: between 10am and 5:30pm (and 10pm on Fridays) and from 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, until 10pm). We also have a option with no time limit in the week-end. We do not rent the room for regular classes. Kindly check the prices below :

We provide all the Yoga and Meditation material (yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, belts, cushions, zafus etc).

The Shala (Yoga Room). It can host up to 17 yoga mats or 25 people if seated on meditation mats and cushions. Prices are below:
– Per hour : 25€ / hour +30mins for set up/tidying-up
– Per day :Option 1) 8 hours rental max, outside of classes hours: 150€   |  Option 2) Boooking all day with no time limit and privatisation of room on Saturday and Sundayy:  220€
– Full Week-end booking: 400€

The Dojo (Meditation Room). It can host up to 14 seated participants (or 6 yoga mats). Prices are below:

– Per hour : 20€ / hour +30mins for set up/tidying-up
– Per day : Option 1) 8 hours rental max, outside of classes hours: 120€   |  Option 2) Boooking all day with no time limit and privatisation of room on Saturday and Sunday:  170€
– Full Week-end booking: 300€

Please note that heating is not included and is available at an extra cost in the winter, for events of 2hours or more. Prices are : 1€ per hour. Full day : 7€. Full week-end : 14€

Deposit : to secure your booking, we ask for a nun-refundable deposit of 30% of the value of the rental, with a minimum amount of 20€.


is Greek for « Open space assembly »

Nearly every city of ancient Greece had an agora when the classical period of Greek civilization began to flourish. Usually located near the center of town, the agora was easily accessible to every citizen. It was the heart of the city – where ordinary citizens bought and sold goods, politics were discussed and ideas were passed among great minds like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. Some of the world’s most important ideas were born and perfected within the confines of the Athenian agora including, most importantly, the concept of democracy.

AGORA also means Now in Portuguese


in Sanskrit, is derived from the root word ghora

which means « darkness » and « fear ». A- ghora stands for the opposite, « illumination », « peace », « calmness ». Darkness represents ignorance, whereas knowledge brings forth light. The path of Aghora, which is also a school of Tantra, aims to eliminate the veil of ignorance.

Send us a message

We are located in the heart of Lisbon at Rua Rafael de Andrade, 23 , 2nd floor, near the metro station Intendente.

If you did not find the answer you were looking for in our FAQ, you can write us at info@agora-lisboa.com or use the contact form below. For urgent issues, you can send us a WhatsApp : +351 937 798 055 (Luis) and +351 937 798 057 (Sonia).

We check your mails and messages during our working hours, and will reply to you as soon as possible. Please note that we do not have a secretariat. 

Note: for booking your class, please directly book online (and not via email) on the plateform Fitogram (read above).