Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Over 200h Yoga Teacher Training

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” – Ramana Maharshi

UPDATE 24/25 Training session: We are currently collecting interests for the Agora Teacher Training next session (2024/25), if you are interested in joining please fill in the contact form so we can send you more information on dates and format of the next session

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    About Course

    This training is a collaborative program bringing together, under the leadership of Sonia Ama, a group of experienced teachers and professionals of different fields, to provide a high quality, in-depth training over the course of several months and over 200 hours of training.

    The TTC’s main focus will be Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and will include the study of Yoga as both a physical, energetic, mental and ethical practice and discipline. We will approach Yoga as a life-supporting tool with the potential to transform and develop our lives, physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Collaborations with other teachers will include several areas such as Hands-on Adjustments, Anatomy of Yoga, Art of Touch, Meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

    Areas Of Focus
    • Ashtanga Primary Series Asanas in depth practice and study

      Alignment, Asanas lab, Hands-on adjustments, with a focus on the breath and flow of Prana in our Yoga practice. Mysore-style & guided practices. Exploration of portions of Intermediate series.

    • Physical and Physiological Anatomy

      Body Systems and Organs, Functional Anatomy, Palpatory Anatomy, Anatomy of the Breath.

    • Energetical Anatomy

      The Subtle Body, Koshas, Prāna, Chakras System.

    • Teaching Yoga

      Guiding and Ashtanga Yoga class, Sequencing Vinyasa Yoga classes. Create classes tailored-made for the practitioners; learn yoga vocabulary and the use of verbal cues; Pedagogy and Methodology skills; Hands-on Adjustments; Finding your own voice as a teacher.

    • Ethics

      Teaching and Yoga Ethical inquiring.

    • Yoga Philosophy

      Introduction to the main texts supporting Yoga and Sāmkhya philosophy (8-limbs Yoga path of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad-Gita, Hatha-Yoga Pradīpikā). Introduction to other Indian traditions such as Tantric philosophy.

    • Pranayama and introductory Kriyas
    • Meditation practice and introduction to Buddhist teachings

      (Dharma) to support our daily life and our teaching path.

    • Healing Arts

      Art of Touch.

    • Ayurveda

      The Reading of the Body/Mind as a basis for our one-to-one or Mysore-style teaching. Notion of Balance, Dohas and Gunas.

    • Yin/Restorative Yoga

      Restoring our Energy, Therapeutic Yoga practice, Practice in Pregnancy or disease.

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    For Who?

    For any Yoga practitioner wanting to go deeper into the study of Yoga and its different dimensions. We ask for a previous experience of Yoga of minimum 2 years of consistent practice. Previous experience with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is required. If you are not new to Yoga but quite new to Ashtanga, we recommend that you participate in the Mysore program at Agora (or an Ashtanga studio in your hometown) in the previous months before the start of the course as well as while taking the course, so that you become familiar with the Primary Series.

    For Yoga teachers who wish to further their practice and study of Yoga, refine their teaching skills, refresh and deepen their anatomy understanding, improve their assist and hands-on adjustments skills. For Yoga teachers interested in developing their knowledge in Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and to get introduced to the Buddhist teachings, that can support their personal development as individuals and as teachers.

    Our Format
    The training will take place on a week-end format, and include a 4-day residential meditation retreat in the South of Portugal as well as one full intensive week at the end of the training

    All weekends will be held in-person at Agora. It is possible to join the week-ends online via Zoom, although we recommend in-person participation to a minimum of 2 of them. In-person presence is required for the intensive week and the meditation retreat unless agreed otherwise with the teaching team. These collective gatherings will allow the group of trainees to bond and spend time together, enhancing the learning process.

    There will be a strong focus on hands-on adjustments and practicing “teaching” during the one week intensive. This will provide students, especially online ones, with an opportunity to practice hands-on with different “bodies”.

    Online students will have a special online Mysore practice with Sonia to replace the in-person Mysore practice happening at Agora during the training weekends.

    • 8 week-ends: Friday evening, Sat & Sunday all day (8 x 17 hrs = 136 hrs)
    • 1 week intensive at Agora at the end of the training (6 days + 1 day off = 45 hrs)
    • 4-day residential meditation retreat in the South of Portugal (25hrs)
    • Continuing regular self-practice and study
    • Continuing regular self-practice and study
    • 20 Assists at Agora or in another studio in your hometown

    There will be homework, readings and a personal creative project to realize throughout the training. Maintaining a regular practice throughout the course is required.

    The trainee will receive a certificate of completion from Agora at the end. If a trainee cannot meet all the requirements to complete the training, it is possible to catch up on some missed training hours by joining workshops or intensives at Agora.

    Prepare for the TTC before November

    Sonia and Vlad (Mysore teachers at Agora) will be teaching a one-week Ashtanga Yoga Immersion at Agora, July 21-28 2023. This can be a great opportunity to boost your practice and get comfortable with the Ashtanga series before starting the TTC a few months later. You are also welcome to join classes at Agora or ask for a private class to support you in establishing a regular self-practice until the training.

    Training Dates

    8 weekends: (these dates might be subject to changes until July 2023)
    • 2023: 17-19 Nov / 24-26 Nov
    • 2024: 12-14 Jan / 2-4 Feb / 23-25 Feb / 8-10 Mar / 22-24 Mar / 12-14 Apr
    Meditation Retreat
    • 25-28 Apr 2024
    6-day Final Intensive
    • Apr 30 - May 5 2024

    2550 euros NORMAL PRICE

    2400 euros EARLY BIRD PRICE for registration until 1st May 2023

    (Includes 1 month unlimited Mysore & Led pass at Agora).

    • Over 205hrs in person training hour
    • Including special guest teachers
    • Full Training Manual + Access to resources
    • Follow-up throughout the year
    • 4-day Meditation residential retreat
    • Certificate of Completion

    Payment plans are possible. Get in touch if the investment required does not meet your financial situation.

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      Sonia's Teachers Say...
      What They Say…
      About the Retreat

      As part of our journey together, we will have a residential 4-day retreat in the heart of Alentejo, led by Luis Salamanca with the collaboration of Sonia Ama.

      This will be an amazing opportunity to get to know each other better and to enjoy learning through being in the mindful presence of each other.

      There will be light Yoga practices during the retreat in order to leave lots of time and space to sitting Meditation practices, exploration of Buddhist teachings and periods of silence. We will be immersed in Fonte das Perdizes in Alentejo, where nature has a soothing effect on the mind.

      Note that the full cost of this residential retreat is already included in the TTC total investment (except transport to the retreat – by train from Lisbon to Grândola).

      Our Vision
      Our core values will define the way we interact during this course and the approach we have regarding teaching Yoga and integrating Yoga into your life
      • Holistic perspective

        Body, Mind, Spirit are facets of one reality. During this course, we will explore different philosophy systems that consider the unity of Body and Mind (Yoga philosophy, Buddhism, Ayurveda), and approach Yoga from the physical, mental, intuitive and emotional perspective. We will explore the multiple dimensions of our being through practices, study and self-inquiry, while cultivating an ever-present awareness of interconnectedness in life.

      • Yoga as a Meditation in Movement

        Yoga (Union) and Meditation (one-pointedness) are ultimately the same thing. Through Yogic practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, ethics) we follow a path that brings us closer to an internal union, a sense of integration. Cultivating clarity of mind and fluidity of Prana (life energy), it becomes easier to see what is in front of us, moving away from the suffering caused by ignorance or not knowing (avidya).

        Although this training will be focusing on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system and will include a lot of Asana study (physical aspect), we will integrate sitting meditation to our practice and look at Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as a Meditation in Movement. During our Meditation retreat, we will explore the parallels between the messages conveyed by Yogic tradition (specifically the Yoga Sutras as well as other texts from Yoga literature) and Buddhist teachings. Meditation techniques associated to Asanas practice will deepen our awareness of the “citta vrittis”, or fluctuations of the mind.

      • Mindful approach to the Asana practice

        As you probably know if you are already practicing at Agora, with Sonia or another of our teachers,  our approach of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Asana practice is based on the principles of breath, integrity, alignment and a balanced way of practicing, stimulating yet mindful. We will look in details to the entire Primary Series of Ashtanga to learn how to teach it. Practitioners who have already started Intermediate series or are ready to start during the course , will be able to practice it and receive guidance during the Mysore mornings.

        There will be a great emphasis on alignment, understanding of the primary and secondary actions in each pose from an anatomical perspective, but also a constant search for the energetic balance in the pose, using the breath as a key indicator for harmony.

        We will take a step-by-step approach to the practice, focusing on building safe postures, where one can go really deep into the experience of the pose without fear of injury. We will teach assisting skills and hands-on adjustments that are respectful of these elements, always emphasizing the right of students to decide for themselves what they need. There will be plenty of time to practice these adjustments on each other during the course as well as during the assisting hours.

      • A sense of community

        At Agora, one of our main wishes and focus is to foster a sense of interconnectedness within the people participating in classes, training, and activities.

        We believe that if we can cultivate this connection at the level of a community of practitioners, then we can expand our awareness in the rest of our relationships and produce ripple effects over our social circles, reaching more and more people.

        This means cultivating a friendly and open state of mind making it easy to meet and build ties with each other. We will have a WhatsApp group and/or Facebook group to share resources throughout the training. Some events or gatherings will be organised during the year to create the opportunity for our practice of Yoga to also flourish off the mat, in between our training sessions. Hopefully together we can create a supportive and motivating environment in which learning is facilitated for all and connection can naturally deepen over time.

      • Self-study (Svadhyaya) & responsibility

        It is important to keep up with our practice ! It seems obvious if one wishes to embark on a Yoga training journey, but it is worth mentioning as one of the foundations for any progress and integration of the teachings: practicing consistently. We need to keep a consistent practice, even more when taking most of the training online. To support their practice, we encourage the online students to join some of the weekends (at least 2) in presence. Student’s responsibility includes doing the homework, readings, taking notes, coming up with questions the following times, etc.

        It also includes keeping track of the schedule and program, the announcements, knowing what to bring and what to prepare for the training weekends. And of course to take general care for the space that has been set up as a learning environment.

      • Fostering Creativity & Creative Methodology

        Creativity is very important in our lives and a balanced Prana or vital energy allows for this creativity to manifest. During this training, emphasis will be put on placing the teachers trainees at the center of the learning process and of the training narrative. Creative methodology tools will be implemented to make your learning fun and efficient.

        Each participant will work on a creative Yoga project over the year and present it to the group at the end of the course.

      Training Team
      Sonia has dedicated her life to practicing, teaching and studying Yoga for the last 13 years. After teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Paris (studying with Linda Munro & Gerald Disse) she founded Agora in Lisbon in 2019 and developed a Mysore program. Sonia is a student and assisted Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. She also studies with Chuck Miller, Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy. She shares the depths of Yoga with deep listening and love.
      Yoga has been part of her life for 10 years. She did a 200h Yoga teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga Paris with Linda Munro and Gerald Disse, then continued training and learning with Sonia since 2019. She teaches Ashtanga , Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga at Agora - Marion is a pillar of the community and member of the management team. She will be assisting Sonia during the training and in charge of the Relations with trainees.
      Luis has been practicing meditation for 20 years. He co-founded Agora with Sonia in 2019. He is a “Mitra” (friend) of the Triratna Buddhist Order, teaches Meditation and Buddhist philosophy and holds regular meditation retreats. Luis will be teaching Meditation techniques and introduction to Buddhist philosophy during the training, and he will be leading the 4-day Meditation retreat that is part of the course.
      Vlad has been practicing Yoga for 14 years. He leads the Mysore program with Sonia at Agora. He is also a Myofascial therapist, trained with holistic therapist KRI Jagdish in Mysore, India, and he has a Bachelor of Health Science degree specializing in Musculoskeletal Therapy. Vlad will be teaching Anatomy of Yoga and sharing his insights on the Subtle Aspects of Yoga practice.
      Diane has been working as an Osteopath since 2016, after 5 years of training in Paris. Diane is also trained in Craniosacral therapy and has a university diploma in Anatomy. Diane’s office is now based at Agora where she gives her sessions. She is excited to be sharing her knowledge about the body and will be teaching Functional Anatomy and Anatomy of Yoga during the training.
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