About Osteopathy

Are you not familiar with osteopathy, or do you want to know what “type” of osteopathy Maximilien practices at Agora?

You will find videos and others info on his website: maximilien-vergnaud.com or you can directly check fees and availabilities HERE. 

But first, here are some answers :

I practice the policy of “no pain” which means that I will prefer a slightly longer session, to faster techniques but which can be unpleasant. Considering that the approach of moving to a health practitioner should be encouraged in a society where performance sometimes takes precedening over health considerations, I try to facilitate this initiative by unloading it from everything. stress is not essential.

Regarding the type of technique I use, apart from the painful consideration I have no restrictions. I could thus use techniques called “structural” with the patient’s consent and if the need arises, but also other techniques given during national training such as fascia or cranial.

Maximilien attends you at Agora all week long :

8.30am – 8pm from Monday to Friday (except Thursday)
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

You can check his availability and book an appointment with him on his website or directly by clicking HERE.

Sessions are 50 euros for members of Agora / 65 euros for Non members and lazsts an hour.

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